Pregnant Kate Middleton to visit 'Downton Abbey' set

It seems like a storyline made for Downton Abbey: a member of the royal family visiting the Crawley family. But, this time it's for real!

Kate Middleton is set to visit the set of the hit TV show on March 12, making it one of the final engagements before giving birth to her second child.

Kate often dresses like the cast of Downton Abbey Photo: Getty Images

Her visit to Ealing Studios comes after the Duchess and husband Prince William admitted to being huge fans of the show during their tour of New York in December. The Duke told executive producer Gareth Neame that he was "really looking forward" to the Christmas special.

William and Kate are huge fans of the show Photo: Getty Images

And that's not the only time it's been made known of the royals' affection for the popular British show. William also made sure to tell Allen Leach, who played former chauffeur Tom Branson, that he was a fan at an event they both attended.

Downton Abbey gets millions of viewers each week Photo: Getty Images

William and Kate aren't the only royals who love the show either. Lesley Nichols, who plays Mrs. Patmore, has said that the Duchess of Cornwall is also one of the millions of fans. "Camilla loves Downton Abbey ," she told The Express. "We have spoken and she genuinely loves the show."

Camilla is also a fan of the show Photo: Getty Images

It's not just royals who are itching to get a taste of the Downton life. Hollywood stars like Taylor Swift reportedly wanted a chance on the show, while George Clooney filmed a 10-minute clip for a charity initiative with the cast last year. Salma Hayek, Anjelica Houston and Kristie Alley have all said they would kill for a role on the show.

George Clooney with the cast of Downton Abbey Photo: Twitter

Aside from being a fan, Kate's visit is to celebrate the incredible success of the show, which has won several awards including a Golden Globe and an Emmy for Best Mini-Series.