'Angel wing' designer Princess Marie-Chantal on dressing children well


Look up ‘modern princess’ in the dictionary, and it should take you straight to Marie-Chantal, the effortlessly elegant wife of Prince Pavlos of Greece. The hands-on mother of five (including four boys!) juggles running a busy household with her successful eponymous childrenswear company, which counts Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian among its clientele.

If that isn’t enough, she’s also been building her international brand’s social media presence with a lifestyle blog and Instagram account that document her family life and fascinating throwback pics such as her time as an intern for Andy Warhol!

Marie-Chantal has been busy conquering the fashion world Photo: Getty Images

“It’s so important to adapt, think outside the box and stay ahead if you want to grow,” she tells our sister publication in the U.K., HELLO! Fashion Monthly. The business-minded American heiress (her father is Robert Warren Miller, co-founder of Duty Free Shops) is also a firm believer in giving back. Her latest venture has seen her collaborate with the charity Rays of Sunshine, which grants wishes to ill children in the U.K. “We've created a fun and unisex jumper [sweater] made from a super-soft cashmere blend and featuring their logo,” she explains.

And what’s next for Marie-Chantal? “I’m working on a children’s cookbook. It’s early days but the recipes are going up on my blog already...”

The royal partnered with Rays of Sunshine charity Photo: Instagram

Here, one of the most enterprising royal women tells HELLO! about all things style:

How does being a childrenswear designer determine how you dress your kids?
It’s important to dress our children well. I have some wonderful memories from my childhood and so much is associated with what I was wearing. If you look good, you feel good – simple.

Does your teenage daughter Maria-Olympia ever borrow anything from your wardrobe?
I love how Olympia dresses, she has great style but she is, of course, only 18, so if she borrows something of mine, it’s likely to be a cozy knit in the country or, if we’re back in London, a bag or pair of shoes.

Like mother, like daughter Photo: Instagram

Have you ever had something in your collection that you wish came in adult size?
Our cashmere angel wing sweater [made famous by Kim Kardashian's daughter North West on Instagram] – so many people ask about it!

How would you describe your personal style?
I like wearing classic pieces with a modern twist. During the day I’m usually quite casual, in jeans and [sneakers]. I’m obsessed with workout clothes at the moment and I like J Brand jeans.

What’s your go-to outfit for a regular day?
A great pair of white or black jeans, ankle boots and a cashmere sweater, or a top by Balenciaga. And, of course, a bag and accessories. I’d wear a long chain by Jennifer Creel and pendants with the names of my kids.

Kim Kardashian dressed baby North in one of Marie-Chantal's angel wing sweaters Photo: Instagram

What’s your fail-safe look for a party?
I have a lot of social engagements and I like to dress up for them. I try to wear what I feel comfortable in, as self-confidence is so much about how you look. Generally, I love to wear long dresses, they make you feel special.

Visit Marie-Chantal's children's clothing site, pre-order the Rays of Sunshine sweater or read more at her blog.

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