Prince Philip outranks grandson Prince Harry on GQ's Best-Dressed List

Prince Harry is one dapper dresser, but as it turns out he is not the only stylish member of the British royal family. GQ released their annual 50 Best-Dressed Men in Britain list, and while dashing 31-year-old made the cut, he was outranked — by his 94-year-old grandfather!

The men’s fashion magazine ranked Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, at number 12, while everyone’s favorite red-headed royal is ranked at number 38.

Prince Harry came in 26 spots behind his grandfather Photo: Getty Images

GQ’s Creative Director, John Ray writes, "The Duke of Edinburgh embodies duty and decorum and comes across effortlessly in the way he dresses. He is always British, masculine and appropriate for his role."

Meanwhile, Massimo Nicosia, head of design at Pringle of Scotland, says, "Prince Harry has his own unique style and energy - he is his own spirit, has a huge zest for life, which is infectious, and he appeals to all generations, from a five-year-old child to an 80-year-old grandmother."

GQ adds, “[Harry’s] family may do elegant but Prince Harry is the one royal who can do cool, too.”

Joining the royals on the stylish list include Benedict Cumberbatch, Romeo Beckham, Harry Styles, David Beckham and Sam Smith. However, Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne tops them all clocking in at number one. According to the magazine, the Danish Girl star, “[His] fashion potential was spotted early on when he starred in Burberry campaigns and today the Oscar-winner earns plaudits for his impeccable taste.”