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Meet HRH Marvin Hamster - the Cambridge family pet who has a penchant for wearing Kate's dresses

Ainhoa Barcelona
Ainhoa BarcelonaContent Managing Editor
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We may never meet Prince George and Princess Charlotte's pet hamster Marvin. But luckily for fans, the royal family's new addition has been brought to life – almost – in a series of cheeky and cheerful illustrations.

Blogger Christine Frazier set up a Twitter account (@theroyalhamster) as soon as she heard about the royal pet's existence, and since then, the talented artist has been making illustrations and sharing them online.

"As soon as he was announced, it seemed like the character of Marvin just scurried through my head," Christine, 33, told HELLO! Online.

"I love drawing doodles for my blog, so that evening I just tried my hand at drawing Marvin. Something about a hamster who is obsessed with the royals kept making me smile, so I decided to post the illustrations just for fun."

hamster1© Photo: Twitter

Christine takes inspiration from Prince George and Princess Charlotte's mum Kate, the ever-so-stylish Duchess.

"I think she would express her surprise to know that her innocent pet Marvin had a parallel life of illustrated daydreams!" said Christine.

hamster2© Photo: Twitter

"And of course I hope she would be flattered that everyone – including Marvin – wants to emulate her style. If George and Charlotte saw the illustrations of Marvin, I hope they would share a giggle."

The artist tries to do one illustration whenever Kate has an engagement, but if the Duchess hasn't been out and about, Christine will work on "throwback" pieces.

hamster3© Photo: Twitter

She has depicted Marvin in Kate's famous fashion show attire from her student days at the University of St Andrews, as well as Marvin relaxing next to Kate's diamond sapphire engagement ring. "*wishes this was 12 carrots instead of 12 carats*" she amusingly captioned it.

"My favourite illustration so far is Marvin riding his toy unicorn," said Christine. "I think it shows his cheeky personality that he doesn't care what people think because he's the royal hamster!"

hamster4© Photo: Twitter

Musing on his personality, Christine added: "Marvin is a little bit naughty, with a healthy sense of entitlement. He is so close to royal life but doesn't quite understand why it is always just beyond his grasp (like when he patiently waits for a flower named after him). Most of all, Marvin is filled with love for his family so he just cheerfully carries on."

Much like Kate, Marvin has already been on a sailing engagement and visited the National Portrait Gallery to view his first magazine photoshoot.

hamster5© Photo: Twitter


But Christine has also drawn inspiration from two-year-old Prince George, choosing to sketch Marvin in the Prince's bathrobe, as well as Prince Harry, opting to paint Marvin in an Invictus Games T-shirt.

"My favourite part about drawing Marvin is that I can take him as far as the imagination will go," said Christine. "I think it would be impossible to contain all of his future adventures to just a hamster wheel. Who knows where his daydreams will find him next?"

hamster6© Photo: Twitter

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