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Duchess Kate got into full mum mode during an official engagement on the Canadian royal tour

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From the moment Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton, touched down in Victoria last week, they have mingled with hundreds of Canadians who have all been eager to have their moment with royalty. And while most have jumped at the chance to get a photograph with the down-to-earth couple, there was one little boy who tried his very best to get out of one!

Kate Middleton helped a little boy get ready for a photo in Canada

Duchess Kate helped one little chef get photo-ready in Kelowna

Speaking with HELLO!, Alison Love, a board member of the Okanagan Chef’s Association, recalled a hilarious moment from William and Kate's visit to the Mission Hill Winery in Kelowna on day four of their royal tour. She revealed that when the time came to take a photograph with a group of budding young chefs, Kate had her hands full trying to keep one of the youngest participants from running off.

"There was a little one sitting beside Kate and he kept squirming off his chair and she kept lifting him up and putting him back on his chair," Alison said with a laugh. "It was quite cute, but funny to watch – up, down, up, down."

Kate Middleton behaved like a 'typical mum' in Kelowna

The British royal behaved just like a "typical mum", an onlooker told HELLO!

Alison says that it was in that moment that she realised the duchess is just a "typical mum", and admitted that the experience reinforced how "approachable" the royal couple are.

"She didn't sit there, watching the little one wonder off," she added. "She wanted to make sure that he was in the photo because obviously he had been placed there on purpose and someone was waiting to see his photo with the Royal Family!"