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Prince Harry brings Queen Elizabeth into friendly rivarly with Michelle Obama ahead of the Invictus Games

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It’s on! A week after dining together at Kensington Palace, Prince Harry, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle have taken to social media to show off their friendly Invictus Games competition.

The first lady initiated the rivalry on Friday with some “fighting” words for the prince. Michelle tweeted, “Hey, ‪@KensingtonRoyal! Are youready for ‪@InvictusOrlando?Game on.” Attached to the tweet was a video message from the American and herhusband.



Photo: Getty Images

In the clip, Michelle warned the royalsaying, "Hey, Prince Harry. Remember when you told usto bring it at the Invictus Games?" President Obama then added,"Careful what you wish for!” Behind the politicians were service members, one of whom wrapped the video dropping a “boom.”

The 31-year-old was quick to write back tweeting, “Wow@FLOTUS and @POTUS, some @weareinvictus fighting talk there! You can dish itout, but can you take it? - H..” Hefollowed up the tweet writing, “.‪@FLOTUS‪@POTUSHow on Earth am I going to top that? - H.” (Spoiler alert, he did).


Harry brought outthe big guns for his response to the Obamas by enlisting the help of hisgrandmother: the Queen. Prince William’s younger brother tweeted back at theAmerican couple writing, “Unfortunately for you ‪@FLOTUSand ‪@POTUSI wasn't alone when you sent me that video - H.”

This time Harry included a video of his own withthe U.K’s longest reigning monarch. The brilliant response showed the monarchand her grandson viewing the Obama’s message after Harry received a text from the "F.L.O.T.U.S." herself.

The Queen clearly was not intimidated by the pair's message. Instead, she shruggedoff the Americans’ warnings saying, “Oh, really? Please.” Prince Harry endedhis video message, looking directly at the camera and dropping a boom of his own. (Boom!)

Michelle Obama and Harry will reunite in May for the second Invictus Games. The sporting event kicks off May 8 and runs through the 12th in Orlando, Florida. Aside from the first lady, the ginger-haired royal will be joined by a slew of celebrities including Morgan Freeman and Derek Hough.

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