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Princes William and Harry ‘filmed cameos’ in new Star Wars film

Actor John Boyega let slip the royal brothers filmed a movie scene

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Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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Could Prince William and Prince Harry be set to appear in a blockbuster movie? Actor John Boyega has told BBC Radio 4 that the royal brothers filmed cameos in the upcoming film Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The actor reportedly revealed that the Princes had non-speaking parts as Stormtroopers, although he believes their scene was cut from the movie.

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John said: “I think they took that scene out. I’ve had enough with those secrets. They came on set. They were there. I’m sick of hiding it. It think it was leaked, anyway.” He added: “There were images. Every time I get asked, I have to dodge it. I’m tired of dodging it. They were there. So was Tom Hardy.”

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Princes William and Harry on a tour of Pinewood Studios last year

Last April we reported that William and Harry visited Pinewood Studios on an all access tour of the Star Wars set. The royal brothers were fascinated as they explored the backstage area, and showed off their sibling rivalry with a playful lightsaber duel. The pair appeared to enjoy playing with the famous props, and Harry suggested that Prince George may also be a fan of the iconic lightsabers. "My godson would love one of these - your son would love one of these," he said.

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As President of BAFTA, William and his younger brother were given an exclusive tour of the film set. It was a fun visit for the royals, with William admitting to being a "total geek" when it came to Star Wars. The Princes also got the opportunity to meet Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, and legendary Wookie warrior Chewbacca, who appeared to strike up a special bond with Prince Harry. The pair shared a hug, while Prince William took a closer look at the BB-8 droid.

Star Wars fans must now wait and see if the Princes make an appearance in the upcoming film!