Queen Maxima and daughters model for gorgeous new headshots

The pictures were released by the Dutch Royal House


The royal women of the Netherlands were ready for their close up! The Dutch Royal House released new portraits of Queen Maxima and her three daughters — Princesses Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane — on Saturday, 30 September. The gorgeous headshots were taken by photographer Erwin Olaf on 18 April, 2017 to mark King Willem-Alexander's 50th birthday. The monarch's wife, 46, and children posed for the portraits smiling directly at the camera, while their hair blew around them.

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Maxima and her girls posed for photos ahead of King Willem-Alexander's 50th birthday on April 27 Photo: RVD / Erwin Olaf

Earlier this year, the royal dad-of-three opened up about Queen Maxima, who he married in 2002. He said, "We are just getting started, we've only been together 18 years. We can be happy together for a long time. She is critical but also caring and forgiving when I am capricious. She is a very special woman, and I am very fortunate to have met her."

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Amalia is the heir apparent to the Dutch throne Photo: RVD / Erwin Olaf

Meanwhile, the Dutch King called his daughters— Amalia, 13, Alexia, 12, and Ariane, ten — his "radiant ladies." Back in April, King Willem-Alexander admitted that he wants his firstborn, Amalia, to find herself before one day taking the throne. "You must first get to know yourself through and through. That's what I am constantly emphasizing with Amalia," he told Dutch author Wilfried de Jong.

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King Willem-Alexander refers to his three daughters as his "radiant ladies" Photo: RVD / Erwin Olaf

He added, "I keep saying: know your own limits. Go everywhere. Make mistakes, as far as possible out of the eyes of the public. I did that, a lot. Festivals, parties everything and more — find your boundaries. It is a good thing to do, without doing it in the public domain."

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