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26 photos of a young Queen Elizabeth II

The late Queen died on 8 September 2022

Split image of Queen Elizabeth at 96 and as a baby
Phoebe Tatham
Content Writer
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The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral on Thursday 8 September 2022 after reigning for 70 years. The late monarch had a record-breaking reign after succeeding her father King George VI to the throne following his death on 6 February 1952.

While many of us will be familiar with images of the late Queen during her more senior years, more may be unfamiliar with images of the monarch when she was growing up and was simply known as Princess Elizabeth.

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The last Queen had a marvellous childhood, playing with toys like prams and automobiles and enjoyed a particularly close bond with her younger sister, Princess Margaret, who was four years her junior. And it's clear that the Queen loved animals from a very young age as she was seen with corgis, which would become synonymous with her and horses.

Scroll through the gallery below to see beautiful childhood photos of her Late Majesty before she married husband Prince Philip...

A baby Queen Elizabeth in a buggy© Bettmann

The Queen's first royal outing as a baby

On 9 October 1926, the then Princess Elizabeth enjoyed her first royal outing as a small baby. Her Majesty was born on 21 April 1926 to the Duke and Duchess of York, at her maternal grandfather's London home, 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair.

A Baby Queen Elizabeth in a bonnet with an unknown woman© T. Kimsey

A royal ride

The late Queen was always known to be stylish and this must have stemmed from her childhood, look how sweet she looked in this bonnet! The then-Princess Elizabeth was accompanied by a nanny for this carriage photo.

A young Queen Elizabeth holding the hand of a woman at a train station© Edward G. Malindine

Trip to Sandringham

Sandringham would become an important place in the Queen's life, with the late monarch regularly spending the Christmas season there with her family. In this photo, taken in 1929, the royal was at a train station preparing to head to the Norfolk home.

A young Queen Elizabeth next to a bagpipe player© Topical Press Agency

A taste of Scotland

Another place that was loved by the late Queen was Scotland, and in this 1929 photo the three-year-old royal can be seen getting serenaded by a bagpipe player.

A young Queen Elizabeth pciking flowers© Hulton Archive

Her Majesty picking flowers as a young girl

Ever the nature lover, a young Princess Elizabeth was photographed picking flowers in an adorable summer dress. The heartwarming photo was snapped by her father, King George VI.

A young Queen Elizabeth walking© Hulton Archive

One busy Princess!

The life of a princess is never boring, and the young royal looked to be striding with purpose in this photo which was taken when she was six-years-old.

A young Queen Elizabeth playing with a baby doll and a pram© Central Press

Princess Elizabeth plays with a pram

Proving she's just like any other child, the young royal enjoyed playing with a toy pram outside her impressive Wendy House on the Windsor Estate. The Queen was just six-years-old when she received the extravagant gift from the people of Wales.

Queen Elizabeth holding a corgi© Lisa Sheridan

The Princess and the Corgi

Since ascending the throne in 1952, the Queen owned more than 30 Corgis in her lifetime. At any one point, she has had up to 10 — and tolerates no less than the royal treatment for them. Elizabeth's father, King George VI, first introduced Corgis to the Palace in 1933, and they've been a fixture ever since.

The Queen Mother, a young Queen Elizabeth, a young Princess Margaret and King George VI on Buckingham Palace balcony© Bettmann

An unexpected coronation

Princess Elizabeth was never supposed to be Queen Elizabeth, but when her uncle, Edward VIII, abdicated, the royal's destiny was sealed. In this 1936 photo, she joins her family on the Buckingham Palace balcony following the coronation of her father, King George VI.

A young Queen Elizabeth sat with two corgis and King George VI© Lisa Sheridan

A father-daughter moment

The late Queen had an incredible bond with her father, and in this 1936 photo, the pair are seen sitting together on a bench with a pair of Corgis.

The Queen with a white pony© Central Press

The royal on her 13th birthday

Ever since her childhood, Queen Elizabeth has enjoyed a life-long love affair with her treasured horses. The keen equestrian had her first riding lesson at the age of three and continued to ride well into her 90s.

The Queen (front-left) with a group of young girls on a swimming team© Topical Press Agency

The late Queen's swimming lessons

The late Queen (front-left) was a keen swimmer during her youth. In 1939, she took part in a Children's Challenge Shield Competition and walked away from the event with an award in life-saving.

Young Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret shaking hands with naval personnel© Keystone

Royal visits

The late Queen became the heir presumptive at the age of ten and she is seen here at 13 undertaking a royal outing with her younger sister, Margaret, on board a naval ship.

A young Princess Margaret and Queen with a script in front of them© Topical Press Agency

A wartime message from the Princesses

Elizabeth and Margaret took their royal duties very seriously and in 1940, they delivered a wartime message to the children of Britain.

The Queen and Princess Margsret gardening© Lisa Sheridan

Business as usual at Royal Lodge

George and the Queen Mother still tried to give their children a normal life during the war, and then-Princess Elizabeth and Margaret can be seen here gardening together at their home, Royal Lodge.

A young Queen Elizabeth with the Queen Mother© Lisa Sheridan

Mother-daughter bond

It wasn't just her father that Elizabeth had a strong bond, and she was equally as close with her mother. Here, the royal is 14 as she and her mum share a special moment.

A young Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth painting© Lisa Sheridan

Elizabeth and Margaret's sisterly bond

Even though Elizabeth was four years older than her sister, Margaret, the royal sisters had a very close bond, and in this sweet photo the duo can be seen painting together.

Queen Elizabeth talking to King George who is sat a desk with red boxes to his side© Lisa Sheridan

Learning for her future job

The late Queen was dedicated to her job, and this started even before she was crowned. In this 1942 photo, when the former monarch would have been 16, she is seen with her father as he goes through the red boxes.

The Queen putting Princess Margaret in an arm sling© Lisa Sheridan

Royal sisters at Girl Guides

The late Queen initially joined the Girl Guides in 1937, and in this 1942 photo, she was captured training her first aid skills as she put her sister's arm in a sling.

The Queen in a pantomime costume© Lisa Sheridan

The late Queen in panto!

During her education, the late Queen was bitten by the acting bug and would regularly star in her school's pantomime productions, which ranged from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty. In this 1943 snap, she can be seen in character as Aladdin.

A young Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in a horsedrawn carriage© Lisa Sheridan

Carriages with Margaret

It wasn't just Prince Philip and Lady Louise Windsor who love their carriage driving, as the late Queen can be seen with her younger sister riding in a horse drawn carriage with the former monarch in complete control.

The Queen in a sea ranger uniform© Bettmann

Joining the Sea Rangers

After graduating from the Girl Guides, the late Queen would go on to join the Sea Rangers. The group was disbanded in 1949.

The Queen in military uniform in front of a first aid truck© Keystone

Joining the military

During the end stages of World War II, the late Queen joined the military, serving as a driver and mechanic with the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

The Queen laying a wreath at the Cenotaph© Fox Photos

A poignant moment for the future Queen

An annual tradition for the monarchy is the laying of the wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. During her reign, the late monarch would lay a wreath every year until her age prevented her in 2017 and onwards.

The Queen playing a piano© Lisa Sheridan

A musical royal

It wasn't just animals and swimming that captured the young royal's attention, as she also had quite the musical talent. In this photo, a 20-year-old Princess Elizabeth could be seen playing the piano.

A young Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret sat with King George VI and a corgi© Lisa Sheridan

A family together

Family was very important to the late Queen, and we think this 1946 photo truly embodies that. Here, the late monarch is sat with her father and younger sister on a serene summer evening, with a Corgi stretched out in front of them.