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Magical Mediterranean islands

Brac, Corfu, Formentera, Djerba... The Mediterranean is dotted with beautiful islands boasting secluded, beaches, picturesque harbours, unspoiled coastline and cities steeped in history. We've selected just a few of the most spectacular spots in this paradise of blue.

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Brac (Croatia) 
Zlatni Rat – the 'golden cape' – near Bol is probably Croatia's finest beach. The beautiful horn of pale sand juts into the sea, extending for nearly half a mile, and is an essential element of any boat trip around the islands of the Dalmatian coast. Croatia boasts some thousand islands and islets, and Brac is just one of around 60 that are inhabited. Drop anchor in the waters off Zlatni Rat and visit some of the island's picturesque seaside towns and stone villages. 

(Spain)Beaches of fine white sand, bright turquoise waters, fishing villages, dramatic cliffs and caves... Formentera, a flat and narrow island among the Balearics, may be small, but it offers an incredible variety of landscapes. It also offers a host of chic spots to enjoy the sun, including Illetes, the most famous beach where, in summer, you'll find yachts and sailing boats from Ibiza moored. Don't miss the the clear waterof the coves in the Migjorn stretch of the island's southern coast, explore the paths of the Cap de Barbaria... 

 Malta Down through the centuries, Malta has witnessed a long procession of cultures: Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, and, of course, the Knights of the Order of Malta. More recently, it has served as a film set for movies such as Agora, Gladiator, Troy and The Count of Monte Cristo. The old quarter of the modern-day capital, Valetta, is dotted with ornate Baroque churches, ancient palaces and domes, and is surrounded by powerful fortifications with which the Knights shielded their land against Ottoman attacks. Mdina, the island's oldest city and former capital, has a pedestrianised centre with fine palaces and churches and is honeycombed with catacombs. Make sure you take a trip aboard one of the traditional boats, the dghajsas, that have been converted to water taxis. 

 Mykonos (Greece) 
Although in Greek mythology the island was the scene of the battle between Zeus and the Titans, the narrow streets of Mykonos now exude and atmosphere of peace, and the pretty white houses, whose balconies brim with flowers, offer a quiet haven for actors and other celebs. The island boasts beaches for all tastes: the lively Paradise and Super Paradise contrast with the quieter Calafatis, Psaru, Agia Ana and Elia, and Platis Yialos is just one of the locations popular among water sports enthusiasts. There are over 400 churches and chapels on the island, but the highlight must be Paraportiani in the capital, dedicated to the Virgin and maintaining the white facade and domes that characterise Orthodox churches. Other 'must-dos' include visiting to the ruins of Portes and the monastery of Panagia Turliani in Ano Mora, and a short boat trip to admire this, probably the most cosmopolitan of the Cyclades island group, from the sea.

Sardinia (Italy) 
The regatta season, with boats sponsored by the most exclusive big names, is focused in Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo between June and September, and enlivens the already glamorous summer of the Costa Smeralda – Sardinia's emerald coast. The northeastern coastline of the second largest island in the Med, came into the limelight in the Sixties, when it became the 'in' spot for the Aga Khan and the international luxury jet, and today it remains popular among the rich and famous. Sardinia's coastline boasts many beautiful beaches, from tree-fringed Liscia Ruja, with its wide sands, to the more familiar Capriccioli with its sculpted granite rocks, Spaggia del Principe, near Romazzino, flanked by elegant villas and popular among celebrities. Be sure to explore the seven small islands of the Maddalena archipelago. 

 Djerba (Tunisia) 
It was here, in the Gulf of Gabes, off the coast of Tunisia, that Homer set one of the most memorable episodes of the Odyssey: Djerba, a natural paradise of stunning beauty, is the mythical land of the Lotus Eaters. With its picturesque medina, lively markets, great golf courses, palm groves and endless beaches (Segui, Sidi Mahrez, Rass Taguerness...), the camel rides and bike trails, the island offers the modern successors of Ulysses all sorts of opportunities to forget the hustle and bustle of modern life. 

Corfu (Greece) 
On his voyage to Ithaca, Ulysses made his last stop on this Greek island located in the Ionian Sea. Today, Corfu is one of the Mediterranean's most popular tourist destinations. It is home to dramatic landscapes such as Mount Pantocrator, and unmissable beaches such as Jalicunas, Marahias, Skudi, Bitalades, Perulades and Canal D'Amour. Corfu city is one of the most beautiful capitals of all the Greek peripheries, whose medieval streets are chock-full of Byzantine churches, monasteries and Venetian strongholds. 

Corsica (France) Over two hundred miles of white sand and crystalline waters surround the beautiful natural paradise that is Corsica, a French island and the greenest in the Mediterranean. The iconic Calvi beach is renowned as one of the most beautiful in the whole of Europe. The islands treasures include the fortified town of Porto Vecchio, which retains the charm of the past, the capital Ajaccio, where the memory of Napoleon is honoured, and picturesque villages such as Bonifacio, set high on rocky cliffs that have been sculpted by the sea.

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