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Indigo Pearl Resort: industrial chic in an exotic Thai setting

Life on the Thai island of Phuket is clearly shaped by the warm seductive waters of the Andaman Sea. Here, where the turquoise waves lap at the white edge of Nai Yang beach, set amid the lush green of a plantation, lies the Indigo Pearl, one of the most unique resorts on these tropical shores.

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Indigo pearl resort

The modern architecture of the resort is carefully designed so it never rises higher than the palm trees that surround it and skilfully integrates the tin-mining heritage of the island with evocative Thai inspiration and avant garde design. The result is a complete sensory experience, where the traditional island roots are combined and contrasted with stylish modern designs and artistic originality.

The interiors are a nod to Phuket's tin-mining history with silver-greys and blues and clever textures that evoke the industry that played so great a part in the commercial history of the island. Polished and tinted concrete floors, and heavy doors that slide easily on pulleys conjure thoughts of mining equipment; desks and wash-basins set on original blackened steel stands with bronze rivets were designed exclusively by John Underwood, an Australian artist based in Phuket.

The stark industrial materials are serenely balanced by delicate Thai silks, fine floral details and the warmth of partitions of tropical timber that separate off the walk-in closets. Each item in the rooms seems to have been created specifically to create and foster a sense of tranquility and well being.

Indigo pearl resort

The architectural spaces revel in their native roots, extending out towards the exterior and integrating closely with the rainforest: in the gardens of the villas, outdoor baths and pools invite guests to private enjoyment of the lush green environment; in the public areas careful landscaping echoes the island's natural forest vegetation. The swimming pools don't just allow guests to cool off with a dip: their surfaces create a mirror which reflects the lush surroundings and there is a constant dialogue with nature in the quiet murmur of water flowing gently over stone.

The Coqoon spa is focused on releasing the butterfly of health and wellness through a blend of Thai tradition and holistic ideals incorporated into a range of massage, therapies and luxurious body treatments. The piece de resistance of the spa facilities is the Nest, a huge wicker structure hung from a giant banyan tree like a giant weaverbird's nest.

Local Thai influence reaches its peak in the Black Ginger restaurant. Floating majestically on a lagoon, the exotic delicacy of the interior and the sheer magic of the verandah enhance the already marvellous dining experience. Here the flavours of old Siam are updated and seasoned with contemporary creative influences.

The mining past is paid homage to once again in the name and decor of the Tin Mine restaurant, where world cuisine is served in an alfresco pavilion surrounded by ponds. And of course, the beautiful Andaman Sea is always close at hand; if you wanted to enjoy sublime sunsets and the gentle twilight air on the sands, the private beach club hotel, the Cotemer invites you to enjoy a barbecue buffet and cocktails by torchlight


Further information:
Indigo Pearl Resort, 
Nai Yang Beach & National Park, Phuket, Thailand

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