10 of the best travel apps for your next holiday

From planning to practicing the local language, this is all you need

Planning a holiday? Ensure your trip runs smoothly with our round-up of some of the best travel apps to help you at every step of your journey. From finding the cheapest flights to creating the perfect itinerary, these ten mobile apps have it covered…


Skyscanner has become relied on by travellers around the world thanks to its search tool that allows you to compare flights to your chosen destination and discover the perfect date or airline to travel with. Be sure to check it out before booking your next flights. Free, iOS and Android.

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Don't get caught out by any sudden changes in weather. You can get detailed and accurate weather reports for your destination 21 days in advance on AccuWeather, while the daily reports will give you an hour-by-hour breakdown of the forecast. Free, iOS and Android.

Google Trips:

If you love organising the perfect itinerary for your holidays, then the Google Trips app is for you. You'll be able to store all of your reservations and research in one place, while the app will also suggest other things you may want to see or do once you reach your destination. Better still, everything is available offline so you won't need to worry about your data usage or finding Wi-Fi. Free, iOS and Android.

WiFi Finder:

If you need to get your internet fix or want to share your holiday photos on Instagram, the WiFi Finder app will help you to locate any free WiFi hotspots in the surrounding areas. Free, iOS and Android.

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Tipping etiquette varies around the world, and often it can be confusing to know how much you should leave when paying for a meal or drinks. The Tipulator app will avoid any confusion by calculating how much you should tip based on where you are and how much you spent. Free, iOS and Android.


Airbnb has long been a popular site for finding accommodation, but now you can discover incredible activities and access unique experiences while you're there thanks to the Airbnb Trips feature all via the app. Free, iOS and Android.


Ensure your holiday photos are edited to perfection with the free VSCO app, which offers endless filters and editing tools that can then be shared directly onto your social media channels. Free, iOS and Android.

Google Translate:

Not quite mastered the local lingo? The Google Translate app will allow you to speak or type a sentence in your spoken language and will translate it into your choice of 60 languages. Free, iOS and Android.


Finding vegetarian and vegan cuisine can be difficult in some places, especially if you don't speak the language. HappyCow omits some of the hard work by listing details of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in nearly 10,500 cities worldwide. Free, iOS and Android.


It's never ideal having a long stopover or wait at the airport, which is when Dayuse is perfect. This website and app allows you to book a hotel room for a few hours so you can shower, sleep or just freshen up, with up to 75 per cent off regular nightly rates at 3,000 hotels around the world. Free, iOS and Android.

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