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Best beach clubs in Majorca: The ultimate guide

We want to visit them all!

majorca beach club
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It’s fair to say I’ve become somewhat the go-to when it comes to travel. I’m frequently asked for my recommendations on hotels, bars and beaches by my friends, family and colleagues. I’m always happy to offer my advice and opinions, and every couple of weeks, I’m lucky enough to continue my research when I visit a different location. When I was given the opportunity to test out seven beach clubs in Mallorca in seven days with a few friends, I was happy to oblige. It’s not something I would usually get to do, especially because I’m usually travelling with my children. However, little did I realise, whilst some are best avoided with children, some are actually family-friendly…

Zhero Beach, Palma

This is an intimate little place with just 20 beds around a lovely pool and a fantastic restaurant. Situated in Cala Major it’s the closest Beach Club to the city. The setting itself is reasonably pretty but my advice would be to look out not up - the view over the ocean is nice, with steps down to a rocky platform into the sea. However, look up and you’ll see a residential apartment block. It’s down to this that there are restrictions on the volume of the music. In my opinion this means the club is a little lacking in atmosphere but it does make it suitable for small groups, couples who want a more relaxed vibe, individuals and possibly people with small babies - we did spot a couple with a young baby! It should have an exclusive feel but unfortunately the sunbeds around the pool are so close to each other that there’s almost no space to walk around them without falling in the water. We also spotted a few towels with holes in which was a tad disappointing, and at a cost of 35 euros for the bed for the day, a complimentary bottle of water included in the price would have been nice. On a positive note, the food in the restaurant was superb and reasonably priced. All in all, Zhero Beach made for a nice relaxing day out and is probably best described as an ‘entry level’ Beach Club.

Zhero Beach – overall score: 15/25 Best suited to: Couples, small groups and individualsFood – 4Value for money – 3Family-friendly – 2Atmosphere and setting – 2Service – 4

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Zhero Boathouse, Magaluf

Zhero Boathouse is the sister club to Zhero Beach and, in my opinion, better situated than Zhero Beach. The pool isn’t huge but the setting on the beach totally makes up for it. The food is equally as good as Zhero Beach and as there aren’t any restrictions on the volume of music, I felt it had a better atmosphere. The music wasn’t over the top loud, it was just right.

Zhero Boathouse – overall score: 18/25 Best suited to: Groups of friendsFood – 4Value for money – 4Family-friendly – 3Atmosphere and setting – 4Service – 3

Puro Beach, Palma

Puro Beach is in a residential setting close to Palma airport. If plane spotting is your thing, then booking a bed here for 55 euros per person for the day would be money well spent! We actually booked 5 beds but as only 4 of us turned up, I found it honourable for the staff to give us a credit of 55 euros towards what we would be spending that day. The fee included a sunbed, towel, a welcome drink (bottle of water) and a fruit platter. Don’t get over excited – it’s literally 4 grapes, a small slice of melon and some pineapple chunks. It should perhaps be described as a ‘fruit snack’.

pur beach

We were shown to our beds and had to remind the staff 45 minutes later that we hadn’t received our welcome drink and fruit. “Oh sorry, we forgot”, the waiter said. As lunch time approached, the food menu looked appetising with a nice selection of reasonably priced salads and a tasty sounding burrata dish. We didn’t feel it needed the added extra, a long blonde hair (not mine!) – and when paying the bill, we overheard another guest saying they had found hair in their food too! Needless to say, Puro Beach didn’t score too highly.

Puro Beach – overall score: 12/25 Best suited to: Small groupsFood – 1Value for money – 3Family-friendly – 4Atmosphere and setting – 2Service – 2

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Nikki Beach, Magaluf

Nikki Beach know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to service. Although the surrounding area isn’t the most upmarket, as soon as you step through the impressive entrance you feel like you’re in a high-end resort. With Cabanas (4 poster beds starting at 300 euros for the day) dotted around the pool, sofas and individual beds (starting at 35 euros a day) also around the pool and on the beach, this place is a proper beach club! We were shown to our sunbeds by Rex who introduced himself as our waiter for the day and were handed some drinks menu. We were a little shocked to see the cost of a non-alcoholic jug of Pina Colada was the same as that with alcohol (90 euros), but clearly this place has some massive running costs to cover. Non-alcoholic I hear you ask? It was only 11 am when we arrived and as we had planned to spend the entire day there we didn’t want to start drinking before lunch! The live saxophonist and violist playing with the DJ was incredible.

laura hamilton nikki beach

The atmosphere was electric, with a handful of glamorous dancers parading the pool and delivering large bottles of champagne to those celebrating special occasions (only 1500 euros a pop!) The pool became more crowded throughout the day with lots of very merry people. I would say if you’re going to Nikki Beach, pack your tassel earrings, wedges and a fashion statement bikini - let’s not forget your selfie-stick and a credit card. Although the entry price for a sunbed is 35 euros, you won’t see much change out of 45 euros for a sandwich and a glass of wine. When it comes to wanting to party at a beach club, this place really has no competition in Majorca.

Nikki Beach – overall score: 16/25 Best suited to: Groups of friends, hen and stag dos and party animalsFood – 4Value for money – 2Family-friendly – 1Atmosphere and setting – 5Service – 4

Mood Beach Club, Portals

This has to be my favourite all-round beach club, although saying that, it’s not actually set on a beach at all – the views down to the beach are beautiful and dining in the restaurant looking out to the sea and watching the sun set is a lovely experience. The setting is intimate and the vibe is upmarket yet relaxed. This place felt very clean and well maintained, from the towels, to the toilets to the pool! The Thai Green Prawn curry is fantastic and the cocktails are well priced. Although it’s a 25-minute cab ride from Palma, it’s worth the journey.

mood beach club

Mood Beach Club, Portals– overall score: 19/25 Best suited to: Groups of friends, families with older children and couplesFood – 4Value for money – 4Family-friendly – 4Atmosphere and setting – 4Service – 3

La Calita, Portals

Next door to Mood Beach Club you will fine La Calita - this is a place is about as relaxed as beach clubs come. The bar reminded me somewhat of a safari lodge and there is a boho vibe and atmosphere. It’s not at all showy and there is no pool. There aren’t many sunbeds available in this place so if you do want to visit then I would recommend booking some beds in advance. The large bed in the cove was my favourite.

La Calita, Portals – overall score: 15/25 Best suited to: Those looking for a boho beach clubFood – 3Value for money – 3Family-friendly – 3Atmosphere and setting – 3Service – 3

Anima Beach Club, Palma

Anima doesn’t have a pool, however, the beach is immediately to the left as you look at it from the road and it’s a busy beach at that. This club is on the main road on the way back to Palma Airport and it was the perfect place to enjoy a few hours in a circular bed, with a glass of champagne (or two). The food is simple but tasty and it’s not overpriced. At night this place comes alive with DJ’s but during the day at the time of our visit it was pretty low key and there were lots of tables with children.

laura hamilton anima beach

Anima, Palma – overall score: 16/25 Best suited to: Friends, families and couples who want to stop somewhere on the way to the airportFood – 3Value for money – 3Family-friendly – 3Atmosphere and setting – 3Service – 4

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