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Megan Fox, Orlando Bloom, Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria: where the stars spend their honeymoon

13 AUGUST 2010

In the wake of celebrities who have recently married in secret, Transformers star Megan Fox said a discreet 'I do' this summer to her long-term partner Brian Austin Green, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

The couple were joined by just a few witnesses and the gentle lapping of the waves, making for a sublimely intimate ceremony.


The happy couple stayed at the idyllic Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Kailua-Kona in Hawaii, where the average price per night ranges from €650-1,100.

Its private beaches and calm waters make it one of the most tranquil and romantic locations - ideal for enjoying the first few weeks of marriage.

Click on the photo above to browse the gallery and find out more about celebrity honeymoon destinations.


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