Bristol Palin and the Hoff to shake stuff on US 'Strictly'

Bristol Palin and the Hoff to shake stuff on US 'Strictly'

Hit television show Dancing with the Stars will soon be adding a beach hunk and a political daughter to its line-up.

David Hasselhoff and Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol have confirmed that they will be strutting their stuff in the celebrity dance show in its 11th season.

It was David’s daughters who convinced him to join the series. “My two daughters love this show”, he said.

For Alaska-native Bristol, life in LA, where the show is filmed, will take some getting used to. “I feel like I’m melting, it’s so hot here and there’s so much traffic”, she stated.

The 19-year-old also says that doing the show will be a good way to demonstrate her work ethic and set a good example for her son, Tripp.

“He loves dancing around [and] bopping his head,” she said.

Wednesday September 1, 2010

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