Daniella Westbrook causes a stir in Albert Square with comeback

Wednesday September 2, 2009

Nineteen years after she first appeared on the Walford estate, Daniella Westbrook is reprising her fiesty role as Samantha Mitchell.

The actress, who departed from the show nine years ago, returns to Albert Square next week to see her family and reunite with ex-husband Ricky Butcher.

And despite being a criminal on the run, Sam - who was last seen fleeing the Square after being charged when she helped bury Den Watts' body - certainly isn't laying low.

The 35-year-old star makes quite an entrance as she entertains the Queen Vic's local lads with a saucy table dance - much to the delight of ex-husband Ricky, and disgust of her former enemy Bianca Jackson.

Despite her high-profile return, Daniella, who struggled with drug problems during her break from the show, says she is still keen to live an "ordinary life".

"I made a pact with Kevin (her businessman husband of eight years) I would do no more TV work that would take me away from home," says the mum-of-one.

Daniella's EastEnders comeback hits the screens on September 7.

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  • Daniella Westbrook causes a stir in Albert Square with comeback

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