Simon Cowell 'furious' after Dermot's comments

Simon Cowell 'furious' after Dermot's comments

The X Factor controversy continues.

Fresh complaints came flooding in on Wednesday after Dermot admitted he and Cheryl Cole had discussed the outcome in the voting stage of Sunday night's show.

And it has emerged that Simon Cowell is apparently "fuming" after Dermot's comments led to claims the programme is rigged, something which he "denies 100 per cent".

Dermot took to Twitter to put paid to the fixing reports.

"We never know which way the judges are going to vote. Ever. The only thing I know is who's in the bottom two when I'm given the card," he wrote.

There have also been reports that Simon is thinking of introducing a fifth judge to make sure there could still be a majority if one panel member refuses to vote.

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Thursday November 11, 2010

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