'Harper's so well behaved': Victoria on juggling act

'Harper's so well behaved': Victoria on juggling act

Her to-do list included breast feeding a newborn baby, losing her pregnancy weight and putting together two entire collections that the fashion world was awaiting with baited breath.

But superwoman Victoria Beckham managed to pull it all off.

On Sunday she unveiled a line that garnered a collective nod of approval from the biggest critics in the industry.

And, true to form, she celebrated with a shopping spree, accompanied by baby Harper as she visited Balenciaga and Prada in towering platform boots. 

Talking to the Daily Telegraph, the designer has revealed how she managed this year's hefty schedule.

She said: "I've had to develop a very strategic way of working.

"But Harper has also done her bit. She's so well behaved."

"She only wakes once a night," she added. "Listen, I've earned an easy one. Those boys - obviously I love them to bits - but they were hard work."

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Monday September 12, 2011

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