Noise complaints cause investigation into Guy Ritchie's pub

Noise complaints cause investigation into Guy Ritchie's pub

You would think living next door to the pub of a Hollywood director would bring a welcome sprinkle of stardust to your home.

It seems the neighbours of Guy Ritchie aren't so pleased with the situation, however.

Local residents next to Guy's Mayfair pub, The Punchbowl, have sparked an investigation after their numerous complaints about the noise.

Madonna's ex-husband - who bought the establishment in May 2008 - risks losing his license after Westminster Council received 37 complaints.

To assess the situation, the council has placed a microphone outside a neighbouring flat to monitor noise levels.

"The street has become a lot noisier. That is undoubtedly down to the pub," one local resident says.

Guy's pub, which he has been visiting regularly since his split from the Material Girl, has become a magnet for many famous faces, including Prince William, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law.

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Thursday August 13, 2009

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