Julianne Moore reveals dream of becoming a doctor

Julianne Moore reveals dream of becoming a doctor

Although she's made a successful career for herself in showbusiness, actress Julianne Moore has revealed it wasn't always her dream to star on the silver screen.

If her acting dreams hadn't worked out, the 49 year old says she would've been a doctor.

"I think I would enjoy that. My mother was a psychiatrist. I could imagine doing that as well," she says.

And there's more talent to be seen from the flame-haired beauty, who has written books about the adventures of Freckleface Strawberry - a semi-biographical character.

"That's another career path for me. I love writing books for children, especially since it has nothing to do with films or acting. And it's great doing something with or for children," she adds.

Friday April 16, 2010

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