Bandaged Berlusconi leaves hospital for Swiss clinic

Friday December 18, 2009

Four days after being attacked at a political rally, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi emerged from hospital with his face covered in bandages.

The 73-year old endured a broken nose and injuries to the left side of his face after being hit by a souvenir replica of Milan's cathedral.

His attacker, Massimo Tartaglia - who's an electronics engineer - is currently being held in prison.

After leaving hospital, Mr Berlusconi was taken to a clinic in central Milan where he received treatment to re-build an upper incisor and another tooth.

This was by no means the last of his medical appointments.

In two weeks, the Italian PM is expected to travel to a cosmetic surgery in Switzerland to undergo further treatment to erase all evidence of the injuries.

Speaking of the incident, he commented, "I will remember two things about these days: the hatred of a few and the love of many, many Italians.

"To both I make the same promise: we will push forward with even greater determination along the road to freedom."

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  • Bandaged Berlusconi leaves hospital for Swiss clinic

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