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Wedding flowers made easy

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What with the bridal bouquet, reception centerpieces and ceremony decorations, the list floral requirements for a wedding can be daunting. A little help from your florist and our easy-to-follow guide should help keep this aspect of your nuptials under control, however.The bouquet she's to carry down the aisle is probably the number one floral priority for most brides. And it will be one of the first things the guests see as she takes those memorable steps down the aisle. There are numerous arrangement options available, so get up to speed with the list below to see which one you think would work best for you before consulting with your florist.The round bouquetThe most common arrangement style, the round bouquet is either hand-tied or wired and is suitable for both informal and formal weddings depending on the formality of flowers chosenThe toss bouquet This is small bouquet usually made of less expensive flowers and used for the traditional throwing of the bouquetThe cascade One of the more formal options, the cascade affair has a free flowing look and a teardrop shape. It tends to work best for taller women as it's usually quite large. Usually composed of various flowers with greenery, ferns and ribbons used as fillers to deliver the desired shapeThe arm bouquetAn elaborate bouquet style, nothing says elegance like an arm bouquet. Long stemmed flowers with large blooms work best with this arrangement style, which is cradled in the brides arm and is perfect for modern, chic weddingsHand-tied bunchA take on the simplicity of early bridal bouquets, this classic is perfect for outdoor weddings and typically consists of fresh flowers loosely tied together with a simple ribbonThe nosegayA very popular style, this tightly packed round design is made up of long-stemmed blooms held together with a satin or organza ribbon. User friendly it's easy for the bride to handleThe posyA smaller version of the round bouquet, the posy is ideal for bridesmaids and flower girls - or for a bride who prefers something simple and understated. It also makes a great corsage alternativeThe pomander Literally a ball of flowers, the pomander hangs off the wrist from a decorative loop of ribbon. Frequently carried by flower girls and bridesmaids, this bouquet is very easy to carry and is a romantic choice for any ceremonyThe BiedermeierThis is characterised by concentric circles of different coloured flowers fanning out from the centre. It's gained in popularity in recent years for its dramatic beauty, and is perfect if you're taking a contemporary approach

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