Lisa Snowdon reveals wedding plans with boyfriend George Smart

The singer and the Yorkshire-born entrepreneur got engaged last year

Christmas is Lisa Snowdon's "absolute favourite holiday" of the year. Not only does she get to spend time with her family and indulge in her favourite festive foods, but last year her Yorkshire-born entrepreneur George Smart decided to surprise the presenter and pop the question last December. "It's a hard one to top! It was such a lovely surprise for me last December as I really didn't expect it at all, I have absolutely loved being engaged to George over the past year and I'm looking forward to spending another festive season with him," she told HELLO! at the 10th anniversary of LaplandUK and the launch of the book The Untold Story of Father Christmas.

Although the 45-year-old had previously revealed she and George might elope, she now seems to have had a change of heart. "We've done a bit of a 180 and are now thinking it will be in this country," she says. "But what we do know it’ll be a very quiet and intimate affair. "

Lisa Snowdon and George Smart got engaged last year

Lisa has been busy making Christmas plans since October; she and George are set to host her family for the first time together, and have pulled out all the stops to make it a special event. "George and I are hosting my family for Christmas this year at ours so I’m very excited! I’ve been on the hunt for so many delicious recipes, we’ve also just had a gorgeous log fireplace put in so it will be extra cosy one this year and I can’t wait to watch lots of lovely films and eat so much I fall asleep in front of the fire."

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HELLO! spoke to the presenter at the 10th anniversary of LaplandUK

Aside from hosting Christmas this year, Lisa is looking forward to another big event - her annual trip to LaplandUK with her niece and nephews. "I am so incredibly excited for LaplandUK again this year," she said. "It’s such an amazing time of the year and having that experience with the kids was just phenomenal, so I’m going back again with my niece and nephew Finley and Willow and the newest addition to the family, little Rudie, and I cannot wait."

The presenter with LaplandUK owners Mike and Alison Battle

She continued: "My favourite Christmases have been the last few years since my niece and nephews have come along, I love their innocence and to see the joy and excitement on their little faces."