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Princess Diana's astrologer reveals the best wedding dates for 2020

Your wedding chart can tell you the best time to tie the knot

Princess Diana's astrologer reveals the best wedding dates for 2020

We’re sure we speak for everyone when we say that we want our wedding day to be as perfect as possible. There’s the dress to decide upon, the venue, the guestlist, the shoes and, case in point, the date. Whether you’re spiritual or not, more brides-to-be are looking to astrology to determine when they will tie the knot, and it makes a lot of sense. In the same way that your birth chart shows where the planets were when you were born and thus determine your horoscope, a wedding has its own chart as an important life event, too. Princess Diana’s astrologer Debbie Frank used this concept to provide us with an insight into the best wedding dates for 2020. Take note.

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The first date Debbie pinpointed was 4 April, when she says Venus (the planet of love) will trine (come into a harmonious angle of support) Saturn (the teacher of life lessons). In wedding terms, this means commitments made i.e. vows are more likely to last. The day after, 5 April, Jupiter (the planet of luck) will join with Pluto (the planet of domination), and make for a “powerful day of romantic abundance”.

On 3 June, the Sun will conjunct with Venus, making a beautiful day for romance, while 12 September will see Jupiter sextile (open pathways of growth with) Neptune (the symbol of unconditional love) and dreams are said to come true.

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December looks to have the most positive dates; on the 14th, Venus will sextile Jupiter, meaning happiness and love will be in the air, Venus will sextile Saturn on the 15th meaning that commitments will be favoured by the planets, and on the 21st, Jupiter will join with Saturn, representing an auspicious new beginning.

Date already set in stone? Don’t fret. The position of planets on your wedding date is certainly not a dealbreaker, and you don’t need anything else stressing you out.

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