Princess Diana's astrologer says these are the best dates to get engaged in 2020

Pop the question in confidence

Bridie Wilkins

Whether you're planning to pop the question yourself or looking for a few handy hints to help guide your other half, the idea of using astrology to determine your engagement date can be surprisingly comforting. Fate removes an element of self-blame and responsibility (if your other half says no, you can put it down to the stars), while working in tandem with your horoscope could make you feel more positive and thus manifest as a culmination of the Law of Attraction (if you believe your partner is going to say yes on a certain date, you'll subconsciously exert more positive emotions which your other half will likely mirror). In light of this, Princess Diana's former astrologer Debbie Frank has shared an insight into the best dates to get engaged in 2020 according to the position of the planets.

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On 5 April, Jupiter and Pluto will conjoin says Debbie. This would make a great date to get engaged since Jupiter is the planet of luck and Pluto represents domination; together, the two could spell bright and positive plans for the future.

The Sun and Mercury, the planet that rules communication, will conjoin on 1 July. Debbie says that as the Sun illuminates Mercury, couples will have an epiphany on the importance of their relationship and their hopes to spend the rest of their lives together. At the same time, the Sun will sextile (open pathways of growth) around Uranus (the symbol of freedom), and create an exciting new angle on life i.e. marriage.


Having a timeline to work to can provide a reassuring sense of control

Almost two months later on 18 August the planet of love Venus will also open pathways of growth around Uranus, which Debbie says will make the perfect time for an unexpected proposal, as Uranus will encourage feelings of freedom and spontaneity.

Mercury will trine (come into a harmonious angle of support) around Pluto on 1 September. Since Pluto represents domination, Debbie says that a few words from someone popping the question will encourage those on the receiving end to want to transform their lives.

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Lastly, 24 September will see Venus (the planet of love) come into harmony with Saturn (the teacher of life lessons). Here, commitments will be favoured by the stars for a life-long happy marriage.

Of course, Debbie's dates are certainly not the be all and end all (yours or your partners birthdays are also good options as the Sun will illuminate your opportunities) but, where much of life is out of our control, having a guide to adhere to proves very refreshing.  

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