7 ways you didn't know Brexit will affect your wedding

From suppliers to insurance, here's what you need to know

With seating plan dilemmas and budgeting struggles, wedding planning doesn’t come without its stresses. Now there is another thing that brides and grooms need to consider - and that’s Brexit. Since the UK has left the European Union - how will that affect your big day?

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One of the most obvious ways that Brexit will impact upon your wedding is if you were planning to get married in Europe. However, even if you are planning on a wedding on UK soil, your big day could still be impacted. From the cost of produce to legal documents, here is everything you need to know.

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1. Legislation and legal documents

Each individual country will have their own rules about requirements and legislation so make sure you read up - or check with your wedding planner - way in advance. Some countries will require you to have a 'apostille stamp' on your British documentation to prove its authenticity - and it could cost you.

2. Passports

There are now stricter rules surrounding passports - and it’s something to be cautious of if you’re having a destination wedding or planning a European honeymoon. You have at least six months left on it until expiry AND it needs to be less than 10 years old on the day you travel.

European weddings could be more expensive

3. Exchange rates

Although no-one can say what the long-term impact on the exchange rate will be, it is fair to suggest that lots of uncertainty causes instability. Be prepared that some of your suppliers, if importing things from abroad, could charge a little more. Money experts have suggested that it may be wise to pick up some foreign currency sooner rather than later, to beat the dip.

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4. Imported produce

The food and drink that we import from EU countries could inflate in price. So, it’s time to think outside of the box - or shall we say, inside the country. Instead of forking out for prosecco or champagne which needs to be imported, why not opt for a lovely English sparkling wine instead?

Consider UK suppliers to keep costs down

5. Visas

It isn’t looking likely that UK residents will require visas to travel to other EU countries for short trips, however, as Money Saving Expert explains, there will be a £6 fee for a visa waiver which will need to be paid from 2022 - adding a few more pounds onto your trip. Do note that the waiver lasts for three years, so you won’t need to pay each and every time you travel within that period.

The price of your wedding food could increase as a result of Brexit

6. Insurance

The EHIC cards are being fazed out and replaced by GHIC cards, so once yours expires, ensure you are up to date with the new type if you are travelling to a European country at all for your wedding or honeymoon. These cards will make it much easier to receive medical treatment while abroad and ensure the insurance claiming process is smoother.

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7. Flowers

When you think of the Netherlands you may think of bright and beautiful tulips - however, a lot of other blooms actually come from there too. Import costs may mean there is less selection with your florists - or a price hike.

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