29 JUNE 2007

Wealthy, attractive and in love, Athina Onassis de Miranda and her husband Alvaro de Miranda Neto are bound to be the focus of attention wherever they go. The fact that the couple are increasingly accompanied by his daughter Viviane only makes them more alluring.

Not surprisingly all eyes were on the couple as the streets of Monaco, decked out in the principality's signature red and white colours, welcomed a world class equestrian event this weekend.

While the Brazilian rider - also known as Doda - tackled the course, his heiress spouse was on hand to offer support. Her principal task apart from cheering on her man was looking after Viviane. During a break in the competition the little girl chatted away happily to her dad and his young wife.

With his dark good looks and athletic bearing - he's an Olympic showjumper - it's no wonder that Doda won Athina's love. But what has surprised commentators is the extent to which the shipping scion has also taken Viviane to her heart. Although only 22 herself, Athina is a doting stepmother, all tender concern with the seven-year-old, who appears in turn to adore her.

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The shipping heiress seems to have successfully adapted to the role of stepmum to seven-year-old Viviane, helping keep an eye on her as husband Doda focuses on the equestrian events at the Monte Carlo eventPhoto: © Rex
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When the Brazilian Olympic rider is competing, Athina is more often than not in charge of buying drinks and snacks for the familyPhoto: © Rex