The 32-year-old sports star - who treated his sons to some candy floss as they supported mum Victoria at one of the Spice Girls' LA dates - revealed on American TV this week he fancies a couple more children
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His wife - seen performing Spice Up Your Life at the concert - responded: "I've had three!... It's not about parenting, it's about crowd control now"
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While they come to an agreement on the subject, the LA Galaxy player has plenty to keep him occupied. He's just added to his lucrative advertising portfolio by starring in a phone campaign with a large snake
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Becks catches Posh off guard with kids announcement


While he's made no secret of his desire to have more children, David Beckham may have to talk through the particulars of caring for a big brood with his wife first. The football ace's other half had a few words to say on the subject when he spoke of his desire to add to their family on American TV this week.

"I'd love two more children," 32-year-old David told US chat show host Barbara Walters. "I've always wanted a big family. Victoria knows that."

A shocked-looking Victoria replied: "I've had three! I'd love to have more children but our three boys are so active, it's not about parenting, it's about crowd control now."

Becks - who was helping out with "crowd control" this week by looking after the Beckham boys as mum took the stage with the Spice Girls in LA - has got plenty to keep him occupied while he talks his wife round to the idea of more kids.

Hot on the heels of a deal to be the face of Armani underwear has come another addition to his lucrative promotional portfolio, a role in a new phone ad, starring with a huge snake.

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