The pair are already lensing scenes (above) for their March return to Albert Square, when they come home to attend the funeral of Ricky's father
Photo: BBC
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Their explosive TV relationship gripped viewers during seven years until Patsy left in 2000
Photo: BBC

Patsy and Sid back together in Walford after eight years

Nearly a decade has passed since Patsy Palmer's piercing call of her EastEnders husband's name was last heard in Albert Square. But now Bianca is back - and Patsy couldn't be happier.

"I'm really excited about rejoining the cast and working with old friends again," said the TV favourite before cameras started rolling on the Walford set this week.

After ditching Ricky and failing to find a new life in Manchester, Bianca - whose mane of red hair and tyranny over her husband mesmerised viewers in the Nineties returns to the Square for the funeral of her former husband's father, Frank Butcher. With her love life in tatters, and a gaggle of children, including Ricky's son Liam in tow, she is destined for a new encounter with her ex.

And Sid Owen, the actor who played her much put-upon partner, is equally thrilled to be rejoining the soap, even if it means facing those legendary vocal chords again.

"I'm over the moon they've asked me to come back," says Sid, adding the only thing he wasn't looking forward to was Bianca "nagging me by shouting Ricky's name".

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