Joe Calzaghe tells HELLO! about his plans to pack a punch in new acting career

Former World Champion boxer Joe Calzaghe has told HELLO! that he is planning to pack a punch in his new acting career and has already landed roles in two films.

"I think I’m pretty good," he told the magazine, adding that his name has helped him meet casting directors and directors.


"They expect you to be rubbish and when you’re pretty good it surprises them."

Joe, 39, who is dubbed the Italian dragon, was speaking to HELLO! on an exclusive photoshoot in Moscow with his girlfriend, Strictly stunner Kristina Rihanoff. It was first visit to the dancer’s homeland.

Joe is due to start filming a small role in a horror movie in the Czech Republic in February. "Don’t get me wrong, they are low-budget films," he adds.

"But I’ve got contacts. I’m good friends with Mickey Rourke and some other guys, and hopefully that can open a few doors."

Joe and Kristina recently celebrated their third Christmas together and have proved their doubters wrong. "It really upsets me when people go 'oh, you’re still together,' " says Kristina.

Joe, who describes himself as an "alpha male" that he has had to adjust to seeing his blonde bombshell girlfriend dancing with other men. "I’ve got to be honest, I was a bit jealous," he confesed to HELLO!.

"But she explained it’s a job. Of course when you seeing them up close doing the rumba, you’re like, 'What’s going on?' "


Joe, who celebrates his 40th birthday in March, says that he has "chilled out a lot more."

"I’m pretty fiery, being Welsh and Italian," he says.

Kristina adds that Joe’s family have "become like my family."

"Joe is my dream man," she says.

Full the full interview pick up HELLO! Magazine, issue 1208, on sale now.