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No divorce settlement yet as Demi and Ashton continue to thrash out deal

ashton kutcher
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Almost a year after their separation was announced, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher still haven't finalised their divorce. The delay is being attributed to disagreements over how the couple should split their considerable wealth. According to US Weekly, Ashton – who earns $700,000 (£440,000) for his role in hit show Two And A Half Men – is yet to be satisfied with an offer on how assets should be split.


Ashton and Demi's reticence to officially draw a line under their six-year marriage led some to believe the pair were never legally married. The claims subsided when In Touch magazine uncovered a deed from the LA Recorder's office. In it, Demi is named as Ashton's "spouse" while the actor is referred to as a "married man."  Lingering sentimental ties certainly aren't the reason for their prolonged status. Ashton, 34, is now happily dating Mila Kunis – his friend of 14 years and former co-star on That 70's Show.


Demi has also moved on – in the Twitterverse at least. In May, the 49-year-old actress told her five million followers that she'd changed her Twitter name from @mrskutcher to @justdemi. It was a significant change, given that the couple became celebrated users of the site, often posting candid pictures of themselves and talking about their relationship. They even announced the end of their marriage online in November. Twelve months on, the last chapter of their marriage has yet to be resolved. When Demi and Ashton wed in 2005, she was the bigger star and he was starting out in his career. The brunette beauty is said to have insisted on a prenup to protect her fortune - $90 million of which came from her settlement from Bruce Willis. But when the pair split in 2011 things had changed, with Demi's career on the wane and Ashton holding the status of one of TV's highest paid actors thanks to his turn on Two and a Half Men. His salary was supplemented by upwards of $4 million a year thanks to shrewed business investments. The couple are said to have a combined fortune of $290 million, and will now continue to thrash out a deal on who gets what.

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