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Lindsay Lohan's assistant tweets plea after star's arrest

lindsay lohan
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Lindsay Lohan's assistant has tweeted a plea for the troubled star. On Thursday Gavin Doyle posted a message to her employer on the social networking site which read "after bailing you out last night I HOPE and PRAY you get the help you so desperately need. We are ALL rooting for you. Xxx"Gavin's words come after the screen-star was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting a a member of the public at a New York nightclub. The actress, who rose to fame in The Parent Trap, was arrested over a third-degree assault when she got into an argument with another woman. 


During an evening at Club Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan, Lindsay reportedly came into conflict with Tiffany Eve Mitchell consequently striking her in the face with her hand, although the victim did not require any medical attention. The diagreement is said to concern Max George from British boy band The Wanted who made no official comment on his involvement but tweeted "eventful night!!" later in the evening.New York-born Lindsay was seen being escorted from the venue in a mini skirt, leggings, high heels and covered her head with a black jacket and she later left the police station in a black car without Gavin. The two reportedly argued before the actress told her assistant to get out of the vehicle to which he responded "Okay. Never speak to me again." The pair's working relationship has reportedly been full of highs and lows and their latest argument comes just two months after the Mean Girls actress tweeted saying she "could't live without" Gavin and that he was her "BFF".Stardom has been hard on the 26-year-old lately and she's had a fair few brushes with the law this year. In September Lindsay was accused by a man of assault as well as clipping a car, but did not face any further charges. October then saw police visit her family house on Long Island over allegations that she was fighting with her mother, which was concluded to be a spat of "no criminality". 


 Earlier in the year Lindsay was cleared of allegations that she struck a Hollywood nightclub manager with her car and was also involved in a car accident in California. As a result the star and her assistant were sent to hospital as a precautionary measure, but no serious injuries were sustained.She's currently under informal probation for stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewellers last year too.Her latest film, Liz And Dick, in which she portrays Dame Elizabeth Taylor, premiered on the Lifetime network on Sunday. The biopic, which Lindsay was "honoured" to stay in, relives the movie siren's passionate love affair with Richard Burton. Also starring in the small screen biopic is Grant Bowler – known in the US for roles in series like True Blood and Blue Heelers.Together, he and Lindsay are faced with the challenge of reproducing the unique chemistry of the couple whose temptuous relationship and epic fights were the stuff of legend.

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