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'Made In Chelsea's Binky reveals real reason behind Cheska falling out

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Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead has revealed the real reason her and former best friend Cheska Hull have grown apart.In recent episodes, viewers have watched Binky become close to Lucy Watson, Spencer Matthew's new girlfriend, leaving Cheska less than impressed, but now Binky has spoken about the pair's friendship. "I get so angry when people say ‘oh poor Cheska, you dumped her for Lucy', because Cheska is 28 this year," Binky explained to


Binky, the 23-year-old television personality went on to suggest Cheska's new relationship was the reason behind the falling out. "Obviously when your friends start dating someone, you do start seeing them less because they choose 'the one' over their best friend. "Chelsea resident's Binky and Cheska became firm favourites on the BAFTA-winning E4 series, and the two have been an inseparable duo on the show often seen walking their dogs or trying out new exercise gadgets.

However, in the latest season, the two have been spending less time with each other, with Binky revealing she hadn't heard from her best friend before they started filming the latest series.

Binky, whose real name is Alexandra, most recently took to twitter to defend herself. "I wasn't the one that wanted this to happen - she stopped contacting me," she tweeted. "But u will see".


Last month, Cheska spoke out about the pair's friendship, suggesting she would love to see the life-long friends rejoin. "Binky and I have been through ups and downs over the years and even if she does something wrong, or says she doesn’t want to speak to me, I’ll always be there no matter what. I love her dearly." the 28-year-old revealed.However, Binky does go on to say that things between the two have sorted themselves out. "We are friends again and I’ve always loved Cheska, I always will, she’s just a bit of a silly sausage sometimes. "Binky's new best friend, Lucy Watson, has divided viewers since joining the show, and has just started dating Spencer Matthews after his break-up with Louise Thompson.

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