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Spencer Matthews reveals what always makes him cry

spencer and lucy
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Spencer Matthews has revealed the one thing that always makes him cry — watching The Lion King.The Made in Chelsea star was referring to one scene in the children's cartoon film in particular, and made the admission in the show's official handbook, Made in Chelsea: Life and Style Essentials. "I always cry when Mufasa dies in The Lion King, " said Spencer. "I just can't handle it."

The old Etonian, who has featured in the BAFTA-Award winning series since the start of the show, went on to describe his Disney preferences. "My celebrity crush is Princess Jasmine," said Spencer. "She's the perfect woman. I watch a lot of Disney films and whenever one of my little nieces is round I'll slap on Cinderella or Hercules and use them as an excuse to watch it. "Spencer's love life is anything but picture perfect. The television personality has broken many hearts on the show, cheating on both of his co-star girlfriends Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson, who he dated one after the other in the last series.

Lucy has previously spoken out about her relationship with Spencer, and shortly after their break-up, the brunette beauty admitted that she still had feelings for him. "When you fall for someone like that, you're in a very intense relationship and the feelings never completely go away," said Lucy. "Spencer's quite a selfish person and he thinks about what's good for him."

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Spencer has also had his fair share of arguments with other co-stars, including fashionista Millie Mackintosh, who quit the show at the end of last series. "I impersonate the Made in Chelsea cast," said Spencer. "I do a good Millie — you have to change the shape of your mouth, kind of purse your lips together like a fish for it to sound right. "I've done it in front of her and we shared a smile, which is more than we have in the last ten years."

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