'Where am I going to sleep tonight?' Khloé Kardashian on selling marital home

Khloé Kardashian looked close to tears as she spoke to her sisters and mother Kris Jenner about her failed marriage to Lamar Odom.

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians which aired on Sunday night, Khloé, 29, is seen dreading the thought of walking into an empty household.

"Where am I going to sleep tonight, guys?" Khloé asked her family over dinner. "I can't live out of my car any more. Literally my car has duffle bags on duffle bags in it."


The reality TV star, who reportedly kicked Lamar out of their marital home, spoke about "the darkness" inside the sprawling seven-bedroom mansion in Tarzana, California.

"I love my home," said Khloé. "It just obviously has a little darkness that we need to clean out."

While Khloé added that she didn't want to sell her house but knew she would have to, the newly single star has reportedly made a profit, just shy of £1million, on the couple's £3.3million property. The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco and her husband Ryan Sweeting are the reported buyers.

In the latest episode, Khloé is seen hopping from house to house, living with her brother Rob Kardashian and then temporarily staying in her mother's home.

"Kris' house has way too many people and my emotions are so all over the place," said Khloé, referring to her sister Kim Kardashian and Kim's newborn baby North West living with Kris.


"I guess I have to go home, rip off the Band Aid," said Khloé. "Walking into my house for the first time, it is a weird feeling. I feel like it's so empty. There's no life inside the house.

"I wish that I could just erase everything bad that's happened," she said, looking at photos of her and her estranged husband. "But it's not that easy."

Khloé filed for divorce from Lamar, 34, in December after months of speculation that his substance-abuse issues had put an irrevocable strain on the marriage.