New romance for Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom has a new love interest following his split from Miranda Kerr last year. The British actor is reportedly romancing French actress Nora Arnezeder.

According to the Mail, Orlando and Nora were spotted together at the Roger Room in LA on Tuesday night, with photographs apparently showing them leaving the venue together on the back of his Ducati motorbike.


Orlando has been linked to French actress Nora Arnezeder

"Orlando and Nora were in the bar for about two hours enjoying some drinks and talking," a source said of the date. "They sat at a corner table together and weren't joined by anyone else."

It is the first time that Orlando has been seen with 24-year-old Nora - but the Paris-born beauty did star alongside Orlando's Lord of the Rings co-star Elijah Wood in the 2012 horror film, Maniac. It's not know if Elijah introduced the pair, but he is certainly a good friend of Orlando's.

Orlando and Australian model Miranda announced the end of their three-year marriage in October. In a statement, the couple, who have a two-year-old son Flynn together, said they had been "amicably separated" for the past few months.


The actor remains on good terms with Miranda Kerr, pictured together after their split

It has been a harmonious split. The couple continue to maintain a strong bond for the sake of their little boy, and are often seen enjoying days out together with Flynn.

"We're a family and we'll always love each other and we're going to be in each other's lives," Orlando said after the announcement. "We both love and cherish each other, then our boy, so it's great."