Peter Andre reveals Valentine's Day plans

Peter Andre has revealed the special plans he has made for his fans on Valentine's Day.

The television star, 40, will be giving people the chance to win a dinner date with Peter himself by entering a prize draw. The majority of the money raised — 90 per cent of net proceeds — will go to the Peter Andre Foundation, in support of Cancer Research UK.

Peter, who recently welcomed his daughter Amelia with fiancée Emily MacDonagh, gushed about the support he had received from his beautiful bride-to-be.

"Emily is so supportive about things like this," Peter told HELLO! Online. "When she knows that we're raising money for Cancer Research UK, she is the biggest supporter. She always encourages me to do things like this."


Peter and his stunning bride-to-be Emily MacDonagh

The former medical student, 23, gave birth to the couple's first child in January and is already proving an expert at her new motherly role. "She's awesome," said Peter. "She's the best and just a natural."

The doting father-of-three, who has children Junior and Princess from his previous marriage, added that his youngsters were embracing the family's new addition.

"They're obsessed with her," said Peter. "The iPads have become redundant. There's no use for them now."

Peter added that baby Amelia wouldn't stop him and Emily enjoying date night from time to time.

"You can always slip date nights in," he said. "I think Valentine's Day is beautiful, it's special so why not celebrate? It is a way of you and your partner really spending a romantic day together.

"I've done Valentine's Day where it's been a trip overseas and it's romantic and other Valentine's where we've gone to see a beautiful West End show and had a dinner in London. And other times we've had a very quiet, homemade dinner. What matters is how you feel about the person."


Peter jokes around with children Junior and Princess

Peter's special prize draw will launch on Friday 14 February and run until Sunday 23 March, with each entry costing £3. People buying multiple entries will get special gifts including an exclusive Tresor Paris bracelet for those donating £50 or more.

The meet-up will take place in the spring when the winner will be whisked away with a friend to the five-star Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club. After a day of pampering, the winners will enjoy a private dinner with Peter, who will present them with a special gift and serenade them with a song of their choice.

"I love everybody," said Peter. "Our fans are really supportive and really cool and they know that if we meet up it'll be a laugh. And that's what it's all about. With me, I make everything very personal."

The London-born star, who lost his brother Andrew to cancer in 2012, spoke about how setting up his foundation and raising money for Cancer Research UK had helped in the healing process.

"My main aim now is to let as little other families go through what we've been through," said Peter. "It heals in one way because if you can help someone else, that's healing. But you've lost what you've lost, you never get that back. That's forever."

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