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Emma Watson to graduate from Brown University

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Emma Watson; actress, fashion darling and soon-to-be university graduate. This month, the British starlet will leave Brown University with a degree in English Literature. Her spokesperson has confirmed she will attend a graduation ceremony at the Ivy league institution on 25 May.

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Emma Watson is set to graduate from Brown University

Emma, 24, started studying at Browns in September 2009. In 2011, she put her four-year course on hold while she finished work on the final instalment of the Harry Potter films. "I've decided to take a bit of time off to completely finish my work on Harry Potter… and to focus on my other professional and acting projects," she told her fans at the time. "I will still be working towards my degree… It's just going to take me a semester or two longer than I thought. "Emma initially transferred from Brown to Oxford University in 2011 to carry on studying for the third year of her course, but took another break after signing up to The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

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Brains and beauty: Emma Watson will attend a graduation ceremony on 25 May

The British star – currently dating Oxford student Matt Janney - recently made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she received an early graduation gift from the chat show host. She also spoke about her university experience. "I guess everyone in their freshman year is nervous and figuring it all out," Emma said. "I think people kind of took pity on me. She's English, she doesn't really know where she's going. And Brown were weirdly protective of me. They saw it as their role to help me have that experience. I can't really explain it.” The actress then revealed that her dad in particular was looking forward to her graduation day.

Emma Watson is currently dating Oxford student Matt Janney 

"So in America you guys graduate in four years and I graduate in five," Emma said. "I took two whole semesters off and then I worked during all of my breaks. "My parents can't really get their heads around it. In England we graduate in three years and my dad's like, "When is this happening? When is graduation because you've been doing this now for ages?' He's very impatient."

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