Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are 'like Ross and Rachel', says actor's twin brother

It's an exciting time for Ashton Kutcher's family — not only is the actor expecting a baby with Mila Kunis, but there is also the couple's upcoming wedding to look forward to.

His loved ones, including Ashton's twin brother Michael, couldn't be happier.

"Those two reunited after 14 years and I think they were meant to be," Michael said of the pair, who first met as co-stars on That 70s Show. "It'd be like Ross and Rachel getting married (from Friends), like David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston getting married," he joked to US Magazine.



Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are engaged and expecting their first child together

"They make such a great couple," he added. "I'm so happy for them, I really am. Ashton is in a really great place right now."

Michael – himself a dad to two boys aged four and nine – also spoke about what a good father Ashton is going to be, in part because he is so "amazing" with his sons.

"He never wears out," his twin told E! Online. "He always goes, goes, goes."


Ashton Kutcher with his twin brother Michael

Both Michael and Ashton's sister Tausha, who is also pregnant, already have daughters — and Michael doesn't think the star "will be much different" whether he and Mila have a little girl or a little boy.

Ashton will be "maybe a bit more protective" of a daughter, he added, but regardless both he and Mila are "going to be great parents" who are "going to be able to set the right discipline in their child — sometimes you have to be tough".

Ashton and Michael are especially close, not least because of a serious health scare Michael suffered when the twins were just 13 years old.

"The doctors told me I needed a heart transplant or I only had three to four weeks to live. Then after that it came down to 48 hours to go," Michael said, as he stepped out for the Harboring Hearts 2nd Annual Summer Soiree.


Ashton's brother Michael thinks the star will be a great dad

Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy, was put on the transplant list after 24 hours and received a new heart 24 hours after that.

Now age 36, he says he and his family are so grateful to his anonymous donor.

"I think it brought on the value of each day – how much we all treasure each other," he told E! News, adding that since the surgery he doesn't "end a phone call or a text message or some type of communication without saying, 'I love you.'

"To this day, if I'm texting my brother, the last thing one of us will say is, 'I love you'," Michael said. "It's so important. And it's not just heart disease. You can go outside and get hit by a taxi cab. It's the reality of life. It's so short. You've got to enjoy every single moment."