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Fifi Geldof reveals her battle with depression: 'I wear a permanent mask'

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Fifi Geldof suffered absolute heartbreak earlier this year when her younger sister Peaches Geldof passed away. Now the 31-year-old has spoken for the first time about her crippling depression, explaining that the death of Robin Williams this week had encouraged her to be more open about her own ongoing battle.

Fifi Trixibelle Geldof © Photo: Getty Images

Fifi has revealed she suffers from depression

Posting a picture tribute to the late comedian on her Instagram account on Monday, PR worker Fifi wrote, "Makes me so sad that he had the world crying with laughter whilst drowning in his own tears."She then added, "I think this has prompted me to want to speak out publicly about my own depression which I've suffered from for years… just in a feeble attempt to bring some more awareness and understanding to something that oughtn't be surrounded by such stigma. "She later uploaded a second post in which she spoke about the death of her little sister.

Fifi Trixibelle Geldof1 © Photo: Getty Images

Fifi with her sisters Pixie and Peaches

"I wear a permanent mask so I won't be judged for feeling how I actually feel," Fifi said. "You can't escape it – it just simmers under the surface when it's not hitting you full whack. Which, for obvious reasons, it has done for me in the last few months – people wouldn't have the first clue of it to look at me or talk to me, though. "Fifi’s candid message comes less than a month after she responded to critics of her late sister, begging that the tragic star be "allowed to rest in peace".Social media was flooded with comments after it was revealed that Peaches, 25, had been using drugs in the months leading up to her death, including one Twitter user who branded the mum-of-two "selfish"."You've no idea what you’re talking about quite frankly," Fifi responded via Instagram.