Jennifer Garner opens up on her 'mindful' marriage to Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner has shared some of the secrets behind her happy nine-year marriage to Ben Affleck.

"You can't expect to be courted all the time, and I don't want to court him right now – I don't have the energy!" the actress told InStyle.


Jennifer Garner has opened up about her marriage to Ben Affleck

"But we're definitely in a very mindful place where we're making an effort to be together, do things at the same time, and be loving."

Of course, being parents to three children has also affected their relationship.

"When we had our first (baby) we had only been together a year. We were babies," said Jennifer, mum to Violet, eight, Seraphina, five and two-year-old Samuel. "It happened so fast, I hardly remember what we were like before the kids got here.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have three children together

"Now we're just starting to go away for a night here and there."

Inside the Garner-Affleck household, Jennifer and Ben, both 42, have very different, and defined, roles.

"I know who wants what lunch, and I've done all the school paperwork and filled out the emergency cards. Ben doesn't know that stuff exists," the star revealed.

"He is in charge of laughter. No matter how much I tickle them or toss them or chase them around, it's not the same. If I'm the slow, steady drumbeat, he's the jazz."