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Celebrity birthdays: Jada Pinkett Smith turns 43

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Happy birthday Jada Pinkett Smith! As the gorgeous actress turns 43, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Jada and you...This is what Jada, who is a Virgo, can be expecting today:What if a glint of glee is spoiling a gloomy glare? All commitments, surely, should be made wholeheartedly. So if you're going to give yourself now, to negativity, let your rejection be emphatic and your resentment be irrevocable. Any sorrow must be inconsolable. If there has to be fury, it has to be explosive. Er... Or does it? What you really want, today, is to move on, let go and be happy. One tiny ray of light, today, is enough to illuminate a whole dark tunnel! Click here to read your horoscope 

Jada Pinkett Smith© Photo: Getty Images
Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Smith was born in Baltimore where she was raised by her mother and grandmother. From an early age the raven-haired beauty showed great interest in performing arts and was enrolled in piano, tap dance and ballet lessons.She went on to study at the Baltimore Scool for the Arts where she became good friends with classmate Tupak Shakur, before graduating in theatre and dance in 1989.In 1991 the stunner began her acting career in LA where she starred in shows like True Colors, Moe's World, Doogie Howser and 21 Jump Street.Since then the mother-of-two has starred in high budget films such as The Nutty Professor, Scream 2 and The Matrix.It was during her TV appearances in the beginning of the 90s that she met who was to be the love of her life, Will Smith, - when she auditioned for the role of his character's girlfriend Lisa Wilkes for the show The Fresh Prince of Bell Air in 1994.Although she didn’t get the part due to being too short, her and Will became friends and the year after they started dating. In 1997 they tied the knot near her hometown in the presence of about 100 people.They have two children, Jaden and Willow Smith, who have both followed in their parent's footsteps when it comes to performing.While Jaden has starred in several films and released 13 singles and one album, Willow has starred in films and released the world-hit track Whip My Hair.

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