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Virgo forecast for Monday August 15, 2022

Some folk believe that our opinions and beliefs make the difference between a comfortable eternity in heaven... or not. Driven by the hope of everlasting joy, or fear of eternal damnation, they moderate and restrict their lives in the here and now - the only time they can really be certain of. Life might be transient, but isn't that all the more reason to enjoy it? Don't feel guilty for doing what makes you happy today. Life deserves to be enjoyed - and who knows? Maybe the appreciation of 'now' leads to the good place later!

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August 14, 2022

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: It's the night of the school prom, the end of season party. It's a familiar scene in films, showing the lead actors preening and primping to show themselves at their best. Eye-catching clothes, perfect make-up, or a sharp haircut might make the difference in this parade. Yet we all know that it's what lies within that makes us special. This week, the cosmos is encouraging you to be at your best. But it's your hidden qualities that will be most appreciated. If you're true to yourself, a kindred spirit will pick up the signs and see you as the star you are.

August 13, 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: Major cities are always situated by rivers or subterranean water sources. Whether we live in New York or New Delhi, our most pressing needs are the same. We need water to drink and to wash. It's interesting that we have such dry, wry views of the world when we all rely on a substance that makes us wet! You may feel as if you're having to cope with a flood of challenges this week. But if you approach each issue methodically and calmly, your concerns will transform into a river of possibilities rather than a pool of problems.

August 12, 2022

People in positions of power, who make decisions that affect the lives of millions without batting an eyelid, can struggle about which option to choose on a menu. Most normal folk tend to work the other way round. We make little choices easily. But when it comes to decisions that affect others, we're overwhelmed. You've been weighing up the pros and cons of a significant matter. But if you treat it as if it were a simple choice, you'll find it's much less complex than you think. This weekend, there's nothing worth worrying about.

Celebrity Virgo

Beyoncé Knowles 4 September 1981

August 11, 2022

'Less is more' is one of those expressions that seems to have gone out of favour. In these times when we can have whatever we want delivered to our door with a click of a button, there's a pervasive 'more is best' mentality. Subtlety and restraint are qualities we rarely see advertised. Yet, in order to deal with your current issue, you don't need to make a huge effort. Under the powerful Supermoon, with gentle consistency and dedication, you'll gain easy momentum, and the changes you want to see will start to manifest.

August 10, 2022

When things are running smoothly, in the way we want, we feel as if we're in the 'flow' and in tune with the cosmos. And when nothing seems to be going to plan, we think our celestial helper has gone on holiday. It can't be easy being a guardian angel; they work industriously, behind the scenes, doing their best, and get the blame when things aren't perfect! Despite your concerns, in the approach to the Supermoon, you're being looked after by a kindly sky. It's guiding you away from what you think is best, towards something really right.

August 09, 2022

Most of the time, when we don't say what we really mean, it's because we aren't sure whether we mean what we think we mean, and whether we should say so if we do. Aargh! And, since few of us are open enough to share our self-doubt, we often leave other people guessing, or misconstruing our true thoughts. We don't want to undermine our authority by revealing our vulnerability. If you have doubts about someone's feelings, as Venus links with Pluto, it's the perfect time to gently encourage them to speak from the heart.

August 08, 2022

Not every Virgo has extraordinary powers of foresight. Well... actually, most do - it's just that only a select handful are prepared to admit it! You're instinctively reluctant to acknowledge, admit or even entertain the possibility that you might have some kind of psychic gift. So, if I ask you about that funny feeling you're experiencing, in the pit of your stomach, regarding an upcoming situation, would I be treading on thin ice? Just for curiosity's sake, is it making you feel optimistic? Hopeful? Encouraged? Because it definitely should!

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