How Gwyneth Paltrow saved Meryl Streep's Thanksgiving dinner
Meryl Streep has revealed that fellow Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow saved her family's Thanksgiving meal this year. The Oscar-winning actress, 65, said that when her oven broke over the American holiday, domestic goddess Gwyneth came to the rescue.

Speaking on US chat show Live With Kelly and Michael, Meryl said her New York-based Thanksgiving celebrations were a "disaster" until she realised that she could use Gwyneth's cooking facilities.

Meryl and Gwyneth pictured in 2011

"My oven didn't work. I hate my oven. I hate it. You never hate your oven more than on Thanksgiving Day when it won't cook the turkey," said Meryl, who added that despite cooking the festive bird for 11 hours, it remained inedible.

"I would've knocked on my neighbour's door," host Michael told the Iron Lady actress, to which she replied: "I did!

"Because in my building is Gwyneth Paltrow. She has the best oven I've ever seen in my life."

Meryl is currently promoting her new film Into The Woods

Luckily for Meryl, Gwyneth wasn't celebrating Thanksgiving in New York and so was able to ask her doorman to let the Mamma Mia star in to use her kitchen.

"I went over and did all the sides in her oven and my brother was in charge of the turkey that would not cook," she added, laughing: "The sides were fantastic."

Kelly and Michael also asked Meryl if she had taken a quick look inside the Goop creator's coveted wardrobe and while she insisted that she didn't, she added: "I brought one of my daughters who was dying to."