Alicia Keys celebrates turning 34

Happy birthday, Alicia Keys! As the Grammy award-winning singer celebrates turning 34, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Alicia and you…

This is what Alicia who is an Aquarius, can be expecting today:

People who act with supreme confidence frequently perform acts of supreme stupidity. The doubts, the uncertainties and even the fears that you are now experiencing may not be creating a great sense of pleasure... but, if they are drawing your attention to a genuine cause for concern, they are working in your favour. Only by treating this delicate issue with due deference are you going to safely avoid trouble. That means having the humility to concede a possible error, even if this briefly hurts your pride.

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Alicia Keys was born in 1981 and after her parents split when she was just two, she was raised by her mum in the tough Hell's Kitchen neighbourhood of New York. Singing since she could speak, she started piano lessons aged seven, and by the age of 12, Alicia was studying at New York's Professional Performing Arts School to study voice, dance and jazz piano.

In 1996, the aspiring vocalist graduated two years early and first in her class, a scholarship to Columbia University followed, but, with a recording contract already under her belt, she dropped out of school after a month in order to pursue a singing career with Columbia Records.

When the company's founder and president Clive Davis (famed for discovering such voices as Janis Joplin and Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson.

One of America's most prodigious talents, she is also committed to humanitarian causes, and is a spokeswoman for the charity Keep A Child Alive and has visited Africa regularly to highlight the AIDS endemic.

In May 2010 she revealed she was expecting a baby with her music presenter boyfriend Swizz Beats,a nd the pair later married in July of that year. The pair welcomed their first child - Egypt Daoud Dean - in October, and in December 2014 the pair announced the birth of their second son - Genesis Ali Dean.

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