Kim Kardashian reveals she pursued Kanye West after her divorce from Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian has said that she made the first move on Kanye West. The reality TV star, who will celebrate her first wedding anniversary with Kanye on Sunday, revealed she pursued the rapper following her split from Kris Humphries.

"When I first met [Kanye], we worked on a project together and there was definitely a spark, but we were in other relationships and we kept our distance," Kim said on Access Hollywood. "We stayed in touch here and there and then when he wasn't in relationships, you know, it's just our timing would always not really coincide."

She added: "I think it was six months after I was newly single in like 2012, I was like why not? Like, what am I waiting for?"



Kim Kardashian said she pursued Kanye West

Kim admitted she thought Kanye would get in touch following her divorce from Kris Humphries, but when he didn't she decided to call him instead.

"I thought he was going to call me as soon as he knew that I was single," she explained. "He didn't, and so I called him and I said, 'Hello? I thought you were at least going to call me and say 'I told you so,' something?'

"And then – he's always been a good friend to me, like, we've always been there for each other – then he invited me to a fashion show of his in Paris and I went, and then the magic happened."


Kim and Kanye are parents to daughter North

The 34-year-old also said she is hoping to welcome a sibling for their 23-month-old daughter North West "sooner than later".

Kim has been outspoken about her desire to have another child, and recently revealed that she wouldn't rule out using a surrogate.

"They have recommended to me to get a surrogate, and I would like to hold out a little bit longer, and still try," she told the Today show. "I still have hope, so I'm just going to keep on trying. Never say never. I mean, we haven't talked about adopting…"