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Camille Grammer talks about dating after her battle with uterine cancer

By Alex Cramer

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Ever since Camille Grammer announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer in 2013, her fans and supporters have been eagerly hoping for her to have a full recovery. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star gave HELLO! US an update on her health while attending the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards in West Hollywood.

“It is much better," she told us at the Pump restaurant event. "Thank you. I’m here to support the Humane Foundation, but I have a great foundation that I’m very passionate about. It’s the Foundation for Women’s Cancer and I’m the chairman of the national race this year in Washington DC.”


"It was very hard to jump into a romantic situation," she said of dating after her cancer treatment Photo: Getty Images

The mother-of-two spoke about why it was important for her to work with the Foundation, after going through her own battle with the disease.“It’s a huge honor and I’m so passionate about this because my mom had ovarian cancer, Stage 3. I had uterine cancer Stage 2. There’s so much awareness for breast cancer, and we all agree that that’s important, but there are other female cancers that need to be in the forefront also. So that’s my goal. To heighten and raise awareness and teach people to go to their doctor and learn their symptoms.”

However, just because she was recovering from a serious illness, doesn’t mean Camille doesn’t want to have a personal life. She spoke about what it’s like trying to date while also recovering from her battle with cancer.

“Well, I needed time to recover from chemo radiation," she admitted. "It was very hard after the surgery I had, a radical hysterectomy, to jump into a romantic situation. I do have great male friends and of course I have somebody very special in my life but I keep it, I don’t talk about it. Maybe down the road, but you know, I’m just taking everything slow.”

We were so happy to see Camille looking happy, healthy and possibly even in love. Of course, since the Real Housewives cameras were spotted filming at the benefit, we had to ask if we could expect to see her on the show this year.“Maybe. A couple of appearances. I’m around. I’m around,” she said with a smile.

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