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Harrison Ford reveals he suffered amnesia following plane crash

Harrison Ford has opened up about suffering from amnesia after his terrifying plane crash in March. The 73-year-old actor revealed details of the crash while dressed as a hot dog on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

Harrison spoke openly about his plane crash on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show

"Yeah I remember. Not all of it, I remember some of it," said the Star Wars icon.

"I remember the engine stopping, I remember that part very well. And then I remember the tower, I remember their suggestion. Their suggestion was that I take the normal route to land and I knew I wasn't going to do that, so I said no. And that's the last thing that I remember until five days afterwards actually."

The crash of his World War II aircraft left the Hollywood actor in critical condition with injuries such as broken bones and a large laceration to his scalp, hospitalising him for almost a month.

Harrison plane © Photo: Getty Images

The actor crashed his vintage aircraft into a golf course after an engine malfunction

In air traffic control audio, Harrison is heard reporting his emergency: "Engine failure, requesting immediate return." Air traffic controllers responded, "Clear to land." Then, a controller states: "It looked like it was short off the runway."

The father-of-five revealed that his doctors believe he has retrograde amnesia - an inability to recall memories of events that occurred before an injury.

"Was it like being in a movie?" Jimmy Kimmel asked as the Indiana Jones star replied, "This was not a movie."

Jimmy asked: "You landed on a golf course; did you yell 'fore' as you came down?" To which Harrison joked back: "For...d!"

Harrison wife © Photo: Getty Images

Wife Calista Flockhart rushed to her husband's side in hospital

After the accident, the star's wife Calista Flockhart rushed to his side and spent every day at the hospital until he was released. Harrison reportedly told her that he intended to fly again as soon as possible, while she was supposedly urging him to take it easy.

Harrison, who has had his pilot's licence for 19 years, owns approximately 11 private planes and is an avid flyer.

It didn't take the actor long to get back into the cockpit, reportedly flying a 2013 Bell 407 helicopter two months after the crash.

"This is the first time Harrison was back at the airport since his scary crash landing," a source told People Magazine. "Harrison was very, very happy to be back at the airport. He kept smiling."

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