Ray Quinn shows off incredible bodybuilder torso

He was known as "babyface" during his Brookside days, but Ray Quinn has proved that he is worlds apart from his scrawny character Anthony Murray. The 27-year-old has been sharing a series of photos on Twitter, showing off his incredible body transformation.

Ray, who split from his wife Emma Stephens earlier this year, has been on a mission to get fit and seems to be excelling in his exercise goals.

The actor flaunted his bulging biceps, channelling The Hulk, and captioned it: "What makes you think I'm not happy today!"

Ray Quinn has been going to the gym at least five times a week

Ray showed off his bodybuilder torso after a session at the gym, which is becoming a regular occurrence in his routine. The former X Factor star, who finished runner-up after Leona Lewis in 2006, has been using the gym as a welcome distraction from his heartbreak and exercises at least five times a week.

"Who's in the gym! Come on ppl! YOU make the difference...," he tweeted on Monday.

Ray, who split from his wife Emma in February, explained to the Liverpool Echo: "It's been a tough year for me, as you know, and this was a way of focusing my mind on something positive."

"It's been a tough year for me, and this was a way of focusing my mind on something positive," said single man Ray

The Dancing on Ice champ revealed that he was inspired by the pro skaters on the show.

"It was the kick start I needed," he said. "It inspired me because I was skating every week and losing weight. I started to look a bit decent and I thought I'm going to take it a step further, and I got into it.

"You've got Sylvain (Longchambon) and Andy (Buchanan) who were tanked – but they were older than me – and I just wanted to get fit like the lads."

The 27-year-old is worlds apart from his X Factor days

It's also thanks to ex-Mr Universe Neale Cranwell that Ray has undergone such a dramatic transformation.

"I've had some good tips and lifting tips from Neale – he's a bit of a legend in the bodybuilding scene," said Ray. "I've known him for a while now, and he's been awesome with eating tips, lifting tips, different ways how to do it. I've stuck with it and I really enjoy it."

But the fitness fanatic admitted that he could never become a pro bodybuilder.

"I like beer!" laughed Ray. "You've got no chance. I like a good pint of lager with my dad, I like a Sunday roast, I'm not going to be sitting there drinking coconut oil and all that – I just want a bit of shape and to look good in a T-shirt."