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From Harry Styles to Adele: The most popular UK celebrities on Twitter

14 March 2016
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harry styles twitter © Photo: Twitter

It's hard to believe but Twitter is ten years old this month! That's a decade of celebrity announcements and candid insights into the lives of our favourite stars. But who have you made the most popular British stars on the social media site?

Read on to find out...

1. Harry Styles – @Harry_Styles – 27,546,995 followers

The One Direction frontman uses his Twitter account to share artsy shots of himself, nice messages to his fans and wise words of advice.

adele twitter © Photo: Twitter

2. Adele – @Adele – 25,621,278 followers

She may be the second most followed UK celebrity on Twitter, but Adele recently revealed she's not allowed to post her own messages. She said: "When Twitter first came out I was, like, drunk tweeting, and nearly put my foot in it quite a few times."

liam payne twitter © Photo: Twitter

3. Liam Payne – @Real_Liam_Payne – 22,371,401 followers

Like his One Direction bandmate Harry, Liam uses Twitter to debate the important issues of the world, and funny ones too, such as: "Why is a 99 ice cream £1.25 why's it still called a 99. The world doesn’t make sense anymore [sic]."

louis tomlinson twitter © Photo: Twitter

4. Louis Tomlinson – @ Louis_Tomlinson – 21,780,279 followers

Louis recently used Twitter to introduce his first child Freddie, and his picture of his adorable baby boy has been reposted over half a million times since then.

emma watson twitter © Photo: Twitter

5. Emma Watson – @EmWatson – 21,250,584 followers

The Harry Potter actress posts regularly about her duties as a goodwill ambassador for UN Women, and also likes to keep fans up-to-date on her travels and adventures.

zayn malik twitter © Photo: Twitter

6. Zayn Malik – @zaynmalik – 18,243,100 followers

To sum up Zayn's Twitter feed: plugs to his music, selfies showing off new hair/tattoos and nice compliments to his girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

ed sheeran twitter1

7. Ed Sheeran – @Edsheeran – 16,776,509 followers

Despite having over 16 million followers, singer Ed has taken a break from social media recently as he enjoys some well-deserved time out after "an amazing ride over the last 5 years [sic]".

wayne rooney twitter © Photo: Twitter

8. Wayne Rooney – @WayneRooney – 12,696,122 followers

Unsurprisingly, Wayne's feed is full of football-related posts, but he does also use it to give fans a glimpse into his family life with his wife Coleen and their three adorable sons.

simon cowell twitter © Photo: Twitter

9. Simon Cowell – @SimonCowell – 11, 741,113 followers

The X Factor boss mainly uses Twitter to tweet along to his own shows with fans and announce news about the artists signed to label Syco. But every now and again he'll throw in a picture or two of him hanging out with his adorable mini-me son Eric.

russell brand twitter © Photo: Twitter

10. Russell Brand – @rustyrockets – 11,741,113 followers

Comedian Russell tweets pictures and videos to keep his fans and followers up-to-date on what's going on in his life.

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